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                   (Ned enters with a blood stained handkerchief clutched to his nose.)

Ned                        Heddo Dad.

Mother                   (Aghast) Oh my darling boy, what's happened? Come on my precious angel, come     and sit down so I can look at you. (She crosses to him and ushers  him  into one of the       chairs.)

Ned                         Id's all right mum, honestly.

Mother                    Who's mummy's brave little soldier then? Look daddy, he comes in covered in       blood and he tells his mumsy that it's all right. Isnít he a treasure.

Father                     Does it hurt lad?

Mother                     (Before Ned can answer) Of course it must hurt! Edmund is just being; very        courageous that's all.

Ned                          Mum, actually ...

Mother                     Now you just keep your head tipped back poppet or you'll get blood everywhere.       Sit quietly for a moment cherub and it will stop. (She examines his nose.) There, I       think  that's done it. Stay exactly as you are  and I'll fetch a flannel to wash your face.        (She   bustles off and reappears with a bowl and large flannel.)

Father                      Elizabeth, stop fussing over the lad. He's said that he's all right.

Mother                     All right! He comes in dripping with blood and he's all right? (During this        speech she wipes Ned's face rather vigorously, reflecting her annoyance       with his father.)  How can you be so heartless! If you really cared about Edmund        you would go out and catch the bullies that did this to him.

Father                     But we don't even know what happened!

Mother                     It doesn't take a genius to work it out! This is the second time he's come home          like  this in a week.

Father                     Let's ask Ned shall we

Mother                     Very well. Edmund, it was those boys from the village wasn't it?

Ned                          I don't think that it was all Ö

Mother                     Don't cover up for them dear. You must always tell your mummy the truth.         (With  melodramatic intense sympathy)

Ned                        (Hesitates for a moment but he knows he will have to agree with his mother) Yes.

Mother                     There, I told you so! Oh those brutes, those scoundrels! Well, what are you going        to do about it?

Father                      If I go out there and give them a good hiding how will that help Ned? It's more likely         to make matters worse!

Ned                         (Recovering.) I think dad's right mum. Besides, I feel fine now.

Mother                     Oh perhaps you're right - but something should be done to stop them. I don't see why         they have to pick on Edmund all of the time. (To Ned.) Just try to avoid them in future         dear.

Ned                          I'll do my best mum.

                               (She ruffles his hair then goes out to carry on preparing the meal.)

 (Part Six)

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