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Lights down on the living room set and up on stage revealing a rustic table and chairs. Father strides in. He has the appearance of a barbarian warrior, dressed in a mixture of leather and fur. He simply oozes confidence in his movement,  speech and manner. He is casually carrying a barbell in one hand in the same way that an office worker might carry a briefcase.

Father           (Calling) Hello everyone! It's your Dragon-slayer home for his dinner. Ned! Ned, come here! I've got a present for you. (He puts the barbell behind the table.)

(Mother enters. She is clearly rather fussy in her habits and appears to be somewhat more refined than her husband.)

Mother             Hello dear. (Kisses him more out of duty than affection - on the cheek) Edmund isn't home yet I'm afraid. I do hope that he's all right. You know what those ruffians from the village are like; anything could have happened to him!

Father               Now then, don't be silly; he's only a little late after all.

Mother               Just the same I'll be happier when he's home, safe and sound. (As an after  thought)  His   trousers were clean on today.

Father                Honestly you fuss far too much over that lad. It doesn't matter if he gets a little dirty every  now and then.

Mother                I like him to look respectable. (Eyeing her husband's rough appearance) There's nothing  wrong with looking clean and tidy.

Father                Hmmmm. (He sits at the table and tucks a napkin into his shirt. He is plainly expecting to be fed.) Where's my dinner then?

Mother                It won't be long. You're home early.

Father                No I'm not. I checked the sundial as I came in; I'm exactly on time.

Mother              The sun dial... Yes that reminds me. Will you do something about those horrible  toves   that keep spinning round it. They're at it all day and they're getting on my nerves.

Father               They don't do any harm.

Mother               But they are annoying and they make the garden look untidy!

Father               What about my dinner? Why is it late?

Mother                 If you must know Maude dropped in to discuss next week's Earthenware party and ...    Well one thing led to another and I just lost track of time that's all.

Father                You know that I like to have my dinner on time. I need to keep -my strength up - just   in case!

Mother               Ohhh ... And how was work?

   (Part Four)

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