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John                So what about your homework?

Anna                Itís ridiculous! Iíve got to explain the meaning of this daft poem called Jabberwocky. None of it makes sense! I mean what on earth is a Bandersnatch and what makes one frumious? I canít even pronounce half of it.

Dad                (From behind the paper) Should have asked Humpty Dumpty then.

                        With the paper still held aloft, John and Anna look at each other astonished Ė they seldom hear from their father when he is reading!

Anna                Dad? Are you OK?

Dad                  Alice thought Humpty Dumpty could work out what the poem meant Ė

                        He lowers the newspaper at last.

Anna                Whatís Humpty Dumpty got to do with it?

Dad                 The book Ė Alice through the Looking Glass Ė thatís where the poemís from. Alice takes it to Humpty to work it out. But even he didnít know all the answers!

Anna                Oh!

Dad                  But I do! (He raises the newspaper again)

Anna                Oh dad! (She gets up and pulls the newspaper down) Come on tell me. I havenít got a clue.

Dad                  Itís quite a long story

Anna                Thatís all right.

Dad                  Very well. Oh and John I think it might help you too.

John                 Oh Dad, not one of your stories! I havenít got time!

Dad                   I thought you just said you had to make one of the most important decisions of your life.

John                  Well Ö

Anna                Oh go on John Ė it feels like years since Dad told us one of his stories.

Dad                   I think it might actually be years!

John                 All right then. Iíll give it a go.

                        They settle themselves at their Fatherís feet.

Dad                  (Setting the paper aside) Ready?

John & Anna    Ready

Dad                 Well, it is the story of a young man by the name of Ned. A young man who finds that he has a lot to prove, both to others and himself. It is a story of hopes and fears; of love and greed; of friendship and hideous monsters. It is a story that begins at Ned's home one day shortly before dinner!

(Part Three)


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