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On this page you can find links to internet sites  focus on the Home Front and evacuation during world war two. You can use these sites for additional research for yourself and your students as you try to recapture the atmosphere of the period.

Please be aware that these links will take you to external websites and I am not responsible for the content therein.

Children of the Blitz makes use of speeches and music from the time. There is also a need for certain sounds - such as the air raid. In the sounds section on this page, you should find all of the speeches, songs and effects that you are likely to need in your production.

Websites: The Home Front and Evacuation.

Music and Other Audio Files

This page contains music and other audio files from both world wars.
World War Two - Home Front
Information about the Home Front in Britain during world war two
Home Sweet Home Front
The Home Sweet Home Front Website tells the true story of life on the british home front during the dark days of World War Two
Britain's Home Front in World War Two::
The Home Front was the name given to what was happening in Britain while the war was fought. The Home Front includes topics such as evacuation, rationing, gas masks, the home guard (Dad's Army)
The Wartime Memories Project - The British Home Front
Collecting preserving and researching photographs and memories of life on the British Home Front during World War Two.
BBC - History - Home Front: World War Two
BBC History - Home Front: World War Two index page
The Home Front - Britain at war
          Online activities which help you explore life on the home front.
The Home Front World War 2
An online Learning Resource for those studying life on the Home Front during World War 2
The Midnight Watch
This site is dedicated to those in Britain during the Second World War (1939-1945) who served on the Home Front in a Civil Defence role.
BBC - Children of World War 2
Find out what life was like for Children growing up in the Second World War (1939-1945). A website aimed at 7-9 year olds.
BBC - WW2 People's War
Archive of personal accounts of life during world war two
BBC - School Radio - World War 2
Links to thirty audio clips including radio broadcasts and period interviews.
Flash Animated Films World War 2
           Link to five animated "films" by the BBC about aspects of WW2 - includes            Evacuation and impact of bombing
World War II Guide to Air Power
The missions, tactics and weapons of World War II strategic bombing. Development of guided missiles, rockets, advanced aircraft, radar, flak, and fighters. With charts, detailed tables and original text.


These sound effects have either been created by my self or gathered from sources on the internet. Feel free to utilise them in your show or to use them as the basis for the creation of your own effects. All of the sounds are in mp3 format.

To hear the sounds just left click on them. To save the sounds, then right click on the link and choose "save target as" from the menu.

If you feel that any of these sounds are in breach of copyright, then please contact me and I will remove them from the site.


Chamberlain's declaration of war

Churchill - "We will fight them on the beaches..."

Churchill - "...their Finest Hour" speech at the end of The Battle of Britain



White Cliff of Dover - Vera Lyn

There'll Always be an England - Vera Lyn

In the Mood - Glenn Miller

On a Wing and a Prayer - Anne Shelton

Moonlight Serenade - Glenn Miller

I Did What I Could with my Gas Mask - George Formby

Get in your Shelter - Arthur Askey

The London that I Love

Could You Please Oblige Us with a Bren Gun - Noel Coward

If a Grey-haired Lady Says "How's Your Father" - Flanagan and Allen

Children of the Blitz includes two songs from the period - "Run Rabbit Run" and "There'll always be an England". Ideally the musical accompaniment for the songs should be played live - indeed may be played by a member of the cast as part of the play itself. If a live accompaniment is not possible then a recording should be made of the piano part for use in the show.

To help you on the way, I have included midi files of both songs and a link to the lyrics for both. Midi files tend to sound rather naff, so I advise using these only until you have a better alternative!

There'll Always be a England - midi

Run Rabbit Run - midi

Lyrics for both songs - word format


Sound Effects:

These sound sequences have been specially created for Children of the Blitz and match the narrative needs of the production. For example, in the air raid first you  hear the approach of the bombers and only when they are overhead do you hear the anti-aircraft battery open fire on them. This then provokes the dropping of the bombs on the village.

Steam Train in Station

Steam Train leaves Station


Air raid sirens

Air raid

V1 Doodlebug

You may find that in practice some of these sounds do not quite match the timimg of your scenes in performance in which case below you will find links to collections of sounds (in zip files) to help you create your own or enhance the ones above

Air raid - includes sirens, ack-ack, passing bombers, bombs and explosions

Dogfight - various fighter sounds and canon/machine gune fire

Trains - various sounds of steam trains and whistles 

These sounds, speeches and songs have been collected in good faith from various sites around the internet. If you feel that there is any infringement of copyright with any of these sounds then please contact me immediately.